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Torah for Thalia

Children's Unity Torah

Torah for Thalia is a Sefer Torah being written in memory of Thalia A”H Hakin,

who was tragically killed in January 2017 in the Bourke St rampage.  


It is Thalia's family's wish to unite Jewish children in the writing of this special Sefer Torah in her memory.

The aim of this campaign is that every Jewish child under the age of Bar and Bat Mitzvah in Australia and worldwide, will join in unity in the Torah for Thalia by purchasing one letter for $5 in Thalia's memory.

There are also other opportunities for adults by dedicating  a letter, word, parsha, or more in this special Sefer Torah in Thalia's memory.


G-d willing the Torah will be completed and dedicated to Chabad Carnegie on March 15 2020.


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