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Thalia's Poems

Thalia A"H wrote two poems which won her awards.

One for a worldwide contest run by "Jewish Girls Unite" on the importance of lighting the Shabbat candles. The poem received much publicity after her untimely passing and has since been published in a book titled, "One more light".


The second poem was written for a contest in her School, about Ahavat Yisrael - love for every Jew.


The poems read as follows:


Poem 1:

“When you light up a candle you light up your neshama [soul]. And you light up the world. And when you light up the world you make it a better place. Like for you and me and everybody. Now the world is dark but soon to be bright for us. And im yirtze Hashem [G‑d willing] Moshiach will come.”.


Poem 2:

“Qualities of a good friend"

There are lots of qualities that a good friend should have like being honest, loyal and loving and When your friend is feeling upset they will comfort you. sometimes you may have fights but that's just part of being friends”.


Thalia's words speak for themselves, her messages were:

a) To add light into a dark world by doing Mitzvot, specifically through the lighting of Shabbat candles.

b) To do acts of kindness and have unconditional love for every Jew - Ahavat Yisrael.


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